First up is my latest, and final mix which is called 20:20 Vision.

I recorded this mix in early September 2020 and it has an autobiographical feel to it as it is based on personal experiences over the years using tracks that have meant a lot to me along the way.

Time for some background info…

A decade had passed between Expressions and 20:20 Vision. I compiled several mixes in between, but either didn’t record them, or chose not to upload them.

More recent events, such as my cycling accident motivated me to make one final mix. The ultimate mix, but one that also tells a story.

Quite a lot of planning and preparation went into 20:20 Vision. I earmarked hundreds of potential tunes for the mix, but couldn’t use them all due to the obvious time constraints.

I had to consider the key of a song and whether it would mix harmoniously with other songs and more importantly, what that song meant to me on a personal level and what memories it evoked for me.

Some keys when mixed together sound better than others. This is due to the harmonic relationship some keys have with each other. Take for example a song recorded with the dominant key of G Minor. When mixing with another song, it will sound best when transitioning to, or from a song in C Minor, D Minor or B-flat Major of similar tempo.

All good so far?

Next comes pitch. Speeding up, or slowing down a track so that it can beat match with another can effect the key depending on how drastic a change is made.

This in itself presented a challenge with the mix as some transitions required a drastic shift of BPM to accommodate the change. For example, the mix from Fade’s Remix of Delerium’s Silence which is in A Minor when played at it’s standard tempo of 130 BPM into Chicane’s No Ordinary Morning which is dominant to A Major at 102 BPM.

For instances such as this, simply turning off the power to a deck has an amazing effect of slowing things down in order to bring in the next track and it still feeling like the mix is flowing.

I had 3 pages of A4 with shorthand scribbles on at hand when I recorded 20:20 Vision. Every transition, effect, adjustment and chop between tracks is accounted for and I am pretty pleased with the end result which in itself feels good as I’ve struggled with confidence when completing and submitting uni assignments since my crash and here I am, content with something I’ve created from scratch. I just need transfer the same confidence to my studies. I score well, but constantly question my work.

I still can’t get over the Vengaboys producing a tune as beautiful as Paradise. I can remember Paul Oakenfold playing it on his Essential Mix set from The Rojam in Shanghai in 1999. The track was listed as ‘unknown’ at the time and over the coming days and weeks, trance forums were buzzing to try to ID it. Then came the suggestion it was a Vengaboys track. I plucked up the courage to visit HMV in Kingston-upon-Thames and asked the sale assistant if I could listed to The Party Album. Lo and behold, track number 12 was indeed the same track played by Oakey. Once over the initial shock, I asked the sales assistance to listen to it (pre-social distancing times) and tell me if she thought it was a Vengaboys track and she was pleasantly surprised.

So, just like with books, you can’t always judge music by the name of the artist.

If something sounds good to you, embrace it. Who gives a fuck what anyone else thinks?

Nick Thompson (2020)

The tracks on this mix span several decades of memories, but each time I listen to it, the songs and lyrics don’t sound out of place or time. There really is something absolutely timeless about how one perceives music.

The final mix is just under 7 hours long which may seem extreme and maybe it is for some, but for me, this mix is perfect to listen to on long bike rides, drives and more recently to listen to when studying.

Listening to music whilst studying before my crash was a massive no-no, but it turns out that listening to music, albeit very quietly through closed-back headphones cuts out noises that would otherwise cause a distraction for me.

So, if you have suffered a mild traumatic brain injury with ongoing post-concussion syndrome issues, just cue this mix up, whack some headphones on and welcome to the world of being able to sustain attention*

*Not guaranteed. Results may vary…but this mix is the dog’s bollocks**

**imho 👍

You can either listen to the mix via the player below, or you can use the direct link to download to your computer: 20:20 Vision (right-click and select to save as if it loads in an embedded player).

20:20 Vision Tracklisting:

01 – Narcotik – Blue
02 – Chicane and Ferry Corsten – One Thousand Suns (Soundprank Remix)
03 – Armin van Buuren feat. Jaren – Unforgivable (First State Smooth Remix)
04 – Julie Thompson With Super8 & Tab – Your Secret’s Safe (Tom Fall Remix)
05 – Arnej – Tomorrow Never Comes
06 – Highland – No Way Out
07 – Emma Hewitt – Rewind (Mikkas Remix)
08 – Alex Leger feat. Ange – Love Me Deep Inside (Ilya Soloviev Progressive Mix)
09 – B.Exp – Overmind
10 – David West – True Love
11 – BT – Remember (Sasha Remix)
12 – David West – Welsh Morphology
13 – James Dymond – Overthrow (Protoculture Remix)
14 – DollsHead – It’s Over, It’s Under (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
15 – Above & Beyond – Anjunabeach
16 – Orkidea – Metaverse (Gareth Emery Remix)
17 – Anna Star & Progressence – Never Close Your Eyes (Solar Twins Remix)
18 – Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Fade’s Sanctuary Mix)
19 – Chicane – No Ordinary Morning
20 – The Source feat. Candi Staton – You Got The Love (Now Voyager Mix)
21 – Ennio Morricone – Miserere (from The Mission Soundtrack)
22 – Adrian Lux feat. Dante – Burning (Topher Jones Remix)
23 – Lost Stories – The Purple Cow
24 – Speed Limits & T4L – Solar Guitar
25 – Tapio Hakanen – Metta
26 – Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox – Hate Is The Killer (Arty Remix)
27 – A-mase – Destination (Omauha Remix)
28 – East Cafe – Flashback (Aeron Aether Remix)
29 – Origin – Planet Cracker (Steve Birch Breaks ‘N Kick Remix)
30 – Above & Beyond – Blue Monday (Extended Mix)
31 – Dr. Kucho! – Star Light Symphony
32 – Vertex & Pion – Sunrise Tonic (Liquid Soul Remix)
33 – Bullit – Cried To Dream (Max Graham Remix)
34 – Blacklight – Daydream
35 – Private Productions – Sex Drive (M & B’s Instructor Mix)

36 – Ryuichi Sakamoto – Acceptance ‘End Credits’ (from Little Buddha Soundtrack)
37 – Alexandre Desplat – Postcards (from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Soundtrack)
38 – Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (from Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence Soundtrack)
39 – Hans Zimmer – Chevaliers de Sangreal (from The Da Vinci Code Soundtrack)
40 – Harold Kloser – The Day After Tomorrow (from The Day After Tomorrow Soundtrack)
41 – Y-Traxx – Mystery Land
42 – D’Alt Vila – Breathing
43 – Team Progress – Symphonic Music
44 – Vengaboys – Paradise
45 – Trance Arts – Ballistic (Indecent Noise Remix)
46 – Antillas feat. Fiora – Damaged (Breaks Mix)
47 – Lostep – Burma (Sasha Remix)
48 – Way Out West – Melt
49 – Lamb – Gorecki
50 – Way Out West – Don’t Forget Me
51 – Dotan – Home (The Him Remix)
52 – Simon Le Grec – Hey DJ, Play My Song (Club Mix)
53 – Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Three ‘n’ One Mix)
54 – Underworld – Dark & Long (Dark Train Mix)
55 – Hibernate feat. Victoria Gydov – Lux Tua
56 – Freefall feat. Jan Johnston – Skydive
57 – Tilt feat. Zee – Butterfly (Tilt’s Mechanism Mix)
58 – Space Manoeuvres – Stage One (Tilt’s Apollo 11 Mix)
59 – Armin van Buuren – Communication
60 – Ferry Corsten pres. Gouryella – Anahera (Extended Mix)
61 – Insigma – Open Our Eyes
62 – Ferry Corsten pres. Gouryella – Venera (Vee’s Theme)
63 – Moogwai – Viola
64 – Planet Perfecto feat. Grace – Not Over Yet ’99 (Breeder’s It Is Now Remix)
65 – Jon Vesta – Gull
66 – Dumonde – Tomorrow (Jam X & De Leon Remix)
67 – Transa – Enervate
68 – Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings (from Platoon Soundtrack)
69 – Transa – Prophase (X-Cabs Remix 1)
70 – The Talisman & Hudson – Leaving Planet Earth