Hi, I’m Nick.

Welcome to my updated site and with it, I bid farewell to Flash and ActionScript code and hello to html5 and the 21st Century! This should provide more compatibility between the style of the site and mobile/handheld devices.

My previous site design focused on my DJ mixes, but the new site is designed to introduce some of my photography, which has been not just a great source of happiness, but one of emotional release too.

I hope to have everything finished soon, but please be patient if some pages remain in maintenance mode as much of my time from October will be spent studying.

My mixes are available to listen to or download in the mixes section. You’re also free to check out the tracklistings for them as well as other information. I’m currently in the process of incorporating them with the rest of the site design.

I’m pleased to announce my 20:20 Vision mix is finished and is available to download. It is just under 7 hours long and was recorded in September 2020. I realise a 7 hour mix may be a tad extreme for most people, but the length is perfect for long bike rides. It is also a somewhat autobiographical mix based on personal experiences through the years. It features progressive house, breakbeat, classical, soundtracks, chillout and trance. The tracklisting can be found here. I may split the mix into smaller segments based on feedback.

I have always shared my photographs with friends and family, and in recent years several people have suggested that I should upload my photography, so I’ve decided to do just that.

My main interests is nature and landscapes, but I’ve also been experimenting with night photography and in particular, astrophotography. Watching Comet C/2020 F3 Neowise from the top of Rhigos mountain recently was a truly jaw-dropping experience.

I’ve always had a keen interest in astronomy and can spend hours gazing up at the stars…although, I’ve found that this works best at night and with a clear sky 😁

Feedback, constructive criticism, advice and tips is always welcome, but please bear in mind that most of the photos that feature in the portfolio sections were taken using smartphones, although I have recently borrowed a dslr.

I’m currently studying towards a BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences which is a big part of my life. I will be starting level 3 study modules in October, which will be my penultimate year of study and I have set myself a target of a first class honours on completion.

This target is going to be a challenge after I sustained a mild traumatic brain injury in a cycling accident in 2018. The word mild still feels like somewhat of a misnomer to me, but I’m acutely aware that things could have been far worse. I am however, determined to succeed with my target.

The long-term effects from that November morning still have a profound impact on my life and one that I plan on blogging about in future.

I also plan on blogging light-hearted as well as more serious thoughts on several topics including photography, science, politics, technology, rugby, cycling, mental health issues and other interests.

I hope you enjoy your stay 👍

You can drop me a message via the contact page.

Warning: this website contains liberal use of profanities. If you’re easily offended, please try to avoid reading any content past this point and instead try to enjoy the photographs and music 😁