My Mixes

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[DIR] Main website - [MP3] 20:20 Vision 05-Sep-2020 568M [TXT] Tracklist My final mix! A nostalgic look back over the years on the tracks that have had a profound influence on me. Just under 7 hours long and featuring 70 progressive house, breaks, classical, soundtracks, chillout and trance...this mix tells a few stories, relives some amazing moments and some others not as amazing :) [MP3] Autumn Breaks 19-Sep-2006 193M [TXT] Tracklist Subtle breaks fused with melodic progressive house and trance. [MP3] Brief Progress 12-May-2007 46.9M [TXT] Tracklist Short progressive house mix (34 minutes). [MP3] Deeper Movements 12-Oct-2002 170M [TXT] Tracklist Driving progressive house with a little trance at the end. [MP3] Deep Progress 24-Oct-2007 56.6M [TXT] Tracklist Short progressive house mix (41 minutes). [MP3] Dreams 06-Oct-2008 113M [TXT] Tracklist Chillout mix showcasing some of my favourite tunes to relax to. Warning: This mix may cause drowsiness :) [MP3] Echoes 26-Sep-2008 158M [TXT] Tracklist Progressive house and trance set featuring a mix of old and new anthems. [MP3] Expressions 30-Jul-2010 328M [TXT] Tracklist My latest mix. Nearly 4 hours of progressive house and trance. [MP3] Forward Progressions 15-Jul-2003 172M [TXT] Tracklist A 2 hour breaks, prog and trance mix. [MP3] Inspiration 25-Apr-2008 93.1M [TXT] Tracklist Progressive house classics. [MP3] Memories In Trance 02-Oct-2008 216M [TXT] Tracklist Over 2 and a half hours of melodic and uplifting trance classics. [MP3] Moments 23-May-2009 236M [TXT] Tracklist Nearly 3 hours of medodic, deep and lyrical progressive house and trance. [MP3] Progressive Emotions 25-Sep-2009 232M [TXT] Tracklist 2 hours 49 minutes of lush progressive trance anthems. [MP3] Reflections 22-May-2007 59.6M [TXT] Tracklist Short progressive trance mix (43 minutes). [MP3] Reprise 2008 30-Dec-2008 178M [TXT] Tracklist Some of my favourite progressive house and trance tunes from 2008. [MP3] Senses 30-Sep-2008 89.5M [TXT] Tracklist Soothing progressive house and breaks. [MP3] Summer Fall 28-Aug-2006 176M [TXT] Tracklist A 2 hour mix of vocal and instrumental prog house and trance. [MP3] Sunrise To Sunset 11-Jun-2002 162M [TXT] Tracklist 120 minutes of breakbeat, progressive house and uplifting trance. [MP3] The Journey 18-Mar-2002 169M [TXT] Tracklist Prog house and trance in a 2 hour set.
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